59 Kalamazoo Spec Calibrated Set - 15% off
59 Kalamazoo Spec Calibrated Set - 15% off
$ 325.00$ 276.25

The new 59 Kalamazoo spec. EAF's deliver sweet and articulate note definition at rolled off settings and crisp, dynamic crunch and cream when fully opened up ..if you are familiar with the legendary artists and the inspiration derived from them...then welcome to the family

Non potted n
Aged nickel covers
Beuterate bobbins
Steel baseplate
Figured maple spacers
7.6k A 4 sandcast long magnets
8.3k A4 sandcast long magnets
Scatter wound
42 g enameled wire
10% mismatched wound
Vintage braided cloth wire
Aged nickel covers
$325.00 matched set only
$12.00 flat rate shipping USA
Export rates applied for non USA players