DT Series:
Echopark’s quality, tone, versatility and style that Echopark Guitar players expect are available and can be ordered at this website here.

Handcrafted Series:
Since the beginning we have always custom built instruments directly with our valued customer's and world class artists alike.
Every player has particular sensibilities, tastes and nuances that inspire and we know the importance of capturing these details especially when crafting a custom instrument that is built to suit your desires..
Since1990 Gabriel has been intimately crafting custom instruments for some of the most diverse and prolific world class artists today.
With a wealth of insight, experience and skill gained over a lifetime of crafting custom individual guitars for players who have "played everything" who are demanding, discerning and knowledgeable, that know nothing can satisfy like finding the perfect tone, feel and beauty in an instrument crafted by a single artisan using the finest selection of old stock timbers, custom spec electronics, lacquer finishes embedded with the voice of all your desires.

Available Dealer stock:
Our select dealer network offer a unique selection of Echopark instruments in stock and ready to ship if you are seeking any Echopark with current availability.
All of these are custom spec'd to our dealers desires and made to suit professional players world over.
The links to our dealer network are listed within this menu for your convenience.
Custom Crated for you.

The Effects, Pickups and merchandise can be purchased through the website as well.