Please read these carefully and ask any questions via phone or email. 
We understand that in this business of custom, individually crafted art, life can and does happen. We are open to working with all of our clients in an individual and personal manner.
Deposits on all commissioned, custom order instruments are nonrefundable after work has started on the instrument. 90-day clause to forfeit monies paid, if no response from our reaching out to ship guitar and pay the balance. All Echopark® Guitars come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner only, that includes: craftsmanship and part/component failure under any normal playing or handling circumstances. (i.e. not subject to being mishandled, not because you tried to upgrade them yourself or allowed another builder to work on it). All electronics, parts and hardware failures are covered under the lifetime warranty that the original certificate holder/purchaser receives upon purchase either directly through Echopark® Guitars or through an authorized dealer. Under warranty, any service, parts replacements or repair work can only be done by an authorized tech or Echopark® Guitars. Should any shipping be required for any of the above, all costs are the customer's responsibility and Echopark® Guitars shall have no responsibility for such costs. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. Echopark® Guitars reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine/verify the legitimacy of all warranty claims prior to authorization of replacements or repairs.