Esperanto 313 Standard

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  • Retail $ 3,800.00

Our Standard series guitars are crafted from our old stock timbers and celebrate the classic feel and tone's established in the mid 1950s that are still the benchmark today.

The Esperanto 313 standard was originally designed as a one-off for 2015 just before the Villain's tour. Just looking for advancements on the most sought after semi-hollow guitars from the early 1960s. With a more ergonomic body shape, wider tonal range and better frequency response that would be all to its own. The Esperanto coaxes a wide variety of sounds from its timber selections and well refined build details like our standard E.A.F. 57 humbucker pickup set along with options like custom "Phase / coil blend" wiring and optional Goldcoil upgrades. Assembled with our 'true historic historic USA crafted Stop/ABR hardware and optional Bigsby B12 or vintage replica Super 400 bell brass trapeze tailpiece.

We ended up twisting the design in a number of new ways that refined the design with a slight "offset" feel that is not as wide or bulbous as its elder influence would certainly be. Creating a combination of the vintage American and European aesthetics we all know and love with a more robust neck joint construction, a more comfortable/ slimmer size and reduced weight that all Supports tonal freedom and musical inspiration. Ranging from all the sweet, clean traditional jazz and blues tones the vintage predecessors were well known for to the most demanding, raw and idiosyncratic tones heard in the present.