Soap Box 2 Harmonic Boost/Overdrive

Born from the same circuit design of our Original Soap Box, an overdrive booster has been added, along with a potentiometer to control the overdrive, from ultra clean, to super overdrive. The minimal use of electronic components is key to the raw unobstructed flow of tone. Completely handmade in the USA. We carve out our own circuit boards
on CNC, which is how it is done in aerospace applications. No
surface mount, or prefab kits used here.
A professional unit Ideal for both studio and live situations.
The Soap Box harmonic boost is specifically designed to replicate
a human hand turning up the volume control of a guitar amplifier. Clear, simple, straightforward. Use to simply boost subtle passages in a live performance, lend additional harmonic content to arpeggios and complex chords, in front of your signal chain as a buffer, during recording sessions where multiple effects are in use, Or. When you just want to go from 'clean' to "cranked" without sacrificing or coloring your amplifier's tone.
One of the key features is it’s interactivity with your guitars volume knob, with the rollback allowing you to go seamlessly from clean for rhythm, to super overdriven for solo’s.
100% Crafted by hand in Los Angeles using select, mil-spec and Full-Size components.
Instruction Label Looking at the face of the Soap Box: Right jack 'Input' Left jack "output" DC “only” power is center negative
only. Indication light is lit when engaged. True bypass switching Level Control, adjust can sweep from 0-15db of pure pre-amp gain and Harmonic boost. Right knob controls the overdrive level, and super boost.