The Frequency 5

A vintage spec Variatone on Steroids..!!
Anothier fine innovation from Echopark.

Create a plethora of tones, and give yourself the ability to filter out unwanted frequencies with a 5 position, on-board notch filter, then expand, boost, and distort from there, with 2 independent stacked Analog overdrives.This was originally a variant of  our FQ-12, and custom pedal that I made for  Dweesil Zappa. 

Notch filter (Front) is passive, and doesn't require power to work. Dial in 5 different analog tones ranging from .001uf to .1uf.. Use as a filter as well with other pedals, that may be a little noisy.

Channel 1 is a One Transistor clean boost, that has an overdrive control
(front Right), that allows you to get clean boost, of OD, and everything

Channel 2 is a separate One Transistor OD/Analog Fuzz. Stacked the produce an amazing, low noise distortion.

With a Master output volume in the center, you can control the final Vol output, and mix from there. The Master Vol only works with Channel 2, or  combined channels on. Allowing you to switch from Distortion to Clean/OD by deselecting channel 2. Basically this is 3 in-valuable pedals in one,
all combined, will blow your mind.

Having an on-board Notch filter not only changes tones, but allows user the ability to filter out the undesired squiels from high noise, stacked fuzz’s.  A must have for studio recording. You will wonder how you lived without this unit..  Taking special orders for the 1st 10 units. DM me if interested. Video coming soon.