The Echodriver

The Echodriver pre-amp, and overdrive is the latest in the line of true-handcrafted, point to point professional guitar effects from Echopark Guitars. This studio quality overdrive unit combines all the best components utilized in the most highly sought after single drive units in pedal history to date. As Gearheads, we've always coveted the long renowned Zen, Ethos, and Klon drive units for many years. Yet we have always had a desire to improve upon their designs. By increasing the key elements in Unity volume, Drive Richness, and Depth, and properly finding the best sonic route to bypass two of the key components of these true industry standards, this allows for greater flexibility when using Both Humbucker, and Single Coil equipped guitars, creating an unparallelled Articulated Presence Response. This also results in increased touch sensitivity with your instruments volume control, yet still retaining all the natural crispness, and range of dynamics that are much more common when plugged straight into a great tube amp. . In the higher settings the "Mosfet" bypass and "Soft Clipping" bypass allow the Echodriver to become truly interactive with the "Voice" and "Gain" control's creating a blanket of textures, and tones that range from the natural, sublime, subtle, to the saturated, searing, and brutal.  My single goal was to create the only overdrive pedal you will ever need. This unit can go directly into your practice amp, large tube amp console, or digital recording setup with unlimited texture, and tone at your fingertips.