It's a fully realized frequency enhancing vintage rangemaster inspired device..
The Gain control is a new single transistor 15db boost with a .001 input allowing for actual  tonal transparency.
Equipped with an absolutely discreet 5 position notched filter as designed in the early 50's for use in military and early radio development to match and enhance human heard frequencies....
inductor loaded with the ability to select either 50% or 100% of the coil. allowing 10 separate tonal bandwidths.
The Harmonic Gain control from can be set anywhere from a unity boost setting to simply add a clean boost with the frequency of choice for adding the slightest tonal effect or to all the way up to Overdrive the frequency of choice .
These both allow for distinct and musical tonality and create focused frequencies enabling the player to actually find and create within multi instrument ensemble,band, multiple guitars and keys,horns or other stringed instruments can be challenging to sonically navigate.
For use in studio or live situations where your performance is getting lost in the mix.
When boosting or adding more effect to your signal path is not working for chord, single note or arpegiated passages to be heard within a large group of instruments sharing similar frequencies or to add new tonal dimensions to your to rig withwithout compromising your original tone.
Stay inspired and Make music!!!

Price: $265.00