Nightmare Sustaining Hyper Distortion

Pushing the envelope of distortion. The Echopark Nightmare is a combination of Clean Boost, Fuzz, Distortion, Octave Down, sonically tuned to blend flawlessly together to produce amazing sustains, for solos, bends, and fills. Looking down at the pedal. The top left knob is your clean boost (stand alone)/Sustain (When used with Hyper Distortion). The right top knob is a secondary Fuzz/Boost. The bottom center knob is Hyper Distortion. Right footswitch is Sustain/Fuzz on, Left footswitch is Hyper Distortion (center Knob). The Hyper Distortion works fully interactive with the controls on your guitar, as if they are connected. You will discover that the “fluctuating” pink LED responds to all variations of sounds that the unit commits, and substantially intensifies with the sustain, and auxiliary Fuzz boost. The pedal is perfect for rendering your audience a snarling, snearing yet controllable solo they will still be hearing for days to come..
Custom Billet Aluminum knobs, Powder Coated/Engraved body
9V DC, Center NEG, 2.1mm power jack, No Battery Terminal Inside, DC only,