FQ12 Dual Rangebastard

The FG 12 Range-Bastard
equipped with Individual True- Bypass switches for both boost and frequency selections.
A discreet 6 position notched filter as designed in the early 50's.

Custom wound inductor with the ability to select either 50% or 100% of the coil. allowing 12 separate tonal bandwidths to select from.
The Boost control can be accessed independently. settings range from a unity or clean boost to a powerful pre-amp style drive with no original tone affected. Harmonic richness. 
This unit allows the player access to do anything from a Revolver-era Vox tone to Any Brian May tone and all points in between.
The FG-10 creates a new palate of focused frequencies enabling the player to  find and create within the confines of a multi-instrument ensemble 
when boosting or adding more effect to your signal path is not working.
Use for chord, single note and arpeggiated passages within a large group of instruments sharing similar frequencies or add actual tonal dimensions to your to rig without compromising your original Tone.!!

Made in America