A Transparent modified delay based off of the PT2399 IC chip.  The Echopark EPD-1 is a Digitally generated delay, with a True Bypass, Analog signal path. Modeled after the vintage  Echoplex Tape Delay, translated into MS (Milliseconds/
 .001 of a second).
Looking down at the EPD-1. The right side pointer knob (MS)  controls the Echo Delay, and is labeled with minimum (30MS), and Maximum (600MS). The graduation bar on the bottom is a key that shows you the graduation percentage of THD (total harmonic distortion) which becomes noticeable beyond  350MS, or beyond 1% THD, and graduates up to 3.5 % at 600MS. This is helpful in studio recording situations. The REP Knob on the  left controls the Repeats Generation on the delay. MIX controls clean/delay saturation. 2.1mm 9VDC power in, NEG Center  (9V internal Battery Option). Fully Powder coated aluminum  enclosure. HAND MADE IN USA.