Soap Box Harmonic Boost

A professional unit Ideal for both studio and live situations.
The Soap Box harmonic boost/ buffer is specifically designed to replicate a human hand turning up the volume control of a guitar amplifier.
Clear, simple, straightforward. 
Use to simply boost subtle passages in a live performance, lend additional  harmonic content to arpeggios and complex chords ,in front of your signal chain as a buffer, during recoding sessions where multiple effects are in use, Or..when you just want to go from 'clean' to "cranked" without sacrificing or coloring your amplifiers tone.
100% Crafted by hand in Los Angeles using select, mil spec and Full Size components, soldered onto a turret board with real leaded solder.

Instruction Label 
Looking at the face of the Soap Box :
Right jack 'Input' Left jack "output"
9 volt battery included 
DC power is center negative only
Red Indication light is lit when engaged 
Truck bypass switching 
Level Control, adjust can sweep from 0-15bd of pure pre-amp gain and Harmonic boost.


Price $165.00