1977 Gold Edition Overdrive

Born off of one of the most  Iconic, transparent Overdrives produced in 1977, The Echopark 1977, gives you the best components of the  “Grey Spec” DOD Overdrive, and 2 Diode clipping/switching mods all in one. One of the most common  mods some of the world’s most noteworthy guitarists made, was cutting out the diode’s out, in order to produce an “in your face”, unbridaled, louder overdrive.  But we are also fans of the original warm tone of the Germanium, as well as Silicon clipping diodes. The 1977 Excels as a semi-clean boost, or always on buffer. works well with BASS or Guitar.
Looking down at the 1977. Left side Knob is Vol. Right side Knob is Gain. Center 3 way toggles Left, Silicon Diode Clipping. Center is off (louder). Right is Germanium diode clipping. True Bypass, 2.1mm 9VDC power in, NEG Center (No Internal Battery Option). Powder coated aluminum enclosure.