58 Kalamazoo Spec Zebra Clones

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Our handcrafted pickups can be found in every Echopark Guitar we craft! All hand-wound in small batches to ensure consistency, quality, and reliability.

These are voiced and wound to our unique specifications and reflect the most coveted vintage tones that we all chase. Created to produce the tones, nuances, and character found in the finest examples available. A must-have for the writing, recording, and performance of music we make today while rooted in the idiosyncratic and defined qualities of the well-established past.

The new Kalamazoo spec. 58 Zebra Clones deliver heavy rock tones that are articulate, crisp, dynamic and full of midrange punch like the late 70s tones of Angus, and a host of British NWHM players when fully opened up wide threw a plexi .

Non potted 
Butyrate bobbins
Steel baseplate
Figured maple spacers
7.2k A5 sandcast long magnets
8.2k A5 sandcast long magnets
Scatter wound
42 g enameled wire
Mismatched wound
Vintage braided cloth wire
Long legs
$375.00 matched set only
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