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"Model J"

$ 4,550.00
Taking what I believe are some of the most forgotten yet soniclly inspiring details in feel, electronics compliment, wood selections, mechanical components and aesthetic. Not to mention the
complex sonic treasures found within the Arcane inc.USA/ Echopark Designed 'Gold Coil'/J-Master pickup combined with the brilliantly crafted Mastery offset M1 bridge and "JM" style
Mastery MV/Vibrato, serve to inspire the artists within.
The tones,style's,and funkiness found in 60's Japanese Teisco Delay's,some of the mid 50's prototypes by Southern California's modern guitar pioneer's and the early 50's Valco catalog have been my muse and constant guiding light on the journey of creating instruments from the second the lure of the six string guitar hit my conscious right up to minute one of  Echopark Guitars inception.

The Echopark "J" Model is the Actualization of all my "quirky"and "left of center" muses thrown to the walls. The Eclectic's in us all may just discover some new Voices .