Bakersfield Standard

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  • Retail $ 2,800.00

These models feature Our USA-made Hand-wound custom Echopark pickups, 100% Nitrocellulose finishes, and our world-renowned neck profiles. The customizable options for you to select simultaneously equal and expand the classic feel and tone established in the mid-1950s and are still the benchmarks we strive to exceed today.

Bakersfield Standard
Our flagship 'Asymmetrical' Double cutaway Set Neck model is for the modern guitarist who wants the essential elements of inspiration at their fingertips. And one who needs a complete tone machine that consistently delivers all the vintage tones associated with this tradition yet way more than its linage ever could.

The Bakersfield Standard Features a lightweight "slab" Equatorial mahogany body that, combined with Genuine Mahogany "Full Tennon" 1 piece neck, resonates into new territory. With a wide selection of custom options available for the player, starting with Custom spec. Echopark USA pickups and 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, and a selection of JM style vibratos. Our Standard Series allows you to tailor this workhorse for your tonal obsessions and playing expressions.