FQ12 Dual Range-Bastard. Limited

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The FG 12 Range-Bastard
equipped with Individual True- Bypass switches for both Boost and Frequency Selections...
An absolutely discreet 6 position notched filter as designed in the early 50's for use in military and early radio development to match and enhance human heard frequencies.... Custom wound inductor loaded ..with the ability to select either 50% or 100% of the coil. allowing 12 separate tonal bandwidths to select from.

The Boost control can be accessed independently and can be set anywhere from a 'unity or clean boost to a powerful pre-amp style drive with no original tone affected ..only Harmonic Richness
This unit allows the player access to Anything from a Revolver-era Vox tone to Any Brian May tone and everything else you could ever wish to hear a vintage range master accomplish.
The FG-10 creates a new palate of focused frequencies enabling the player to actually find and create within the confines of a multi-instrument ensemble.
When just boosting or adding more effect to your signal path is not working.
Use for chord, single note and arpeggiated passages within a large group of instruments sharing similar frequencies or add actual tonal dimensions to your to rig Without compromising your original Tone.!!
Stay inspired and Make music!!!
A huge Thank you to friends Mr.Jack Douglas and Josh Homme... for lending me their sacred ears!