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The Echopark F-1 Dual Germanium

$ 230.00

Echopark musical instruments
F-1 Germanium fuzz unit
Influenced by Mosrite's rarely seen legindary 'Fuzzrite' produced threw the mid 60's.
The F1 circuit was designed to satisfy the purely devoted fuzz freak and the seeker of new sonic territories alike.

Controls are Level and Blend
The 'Level' sets the dry to affect volume of the F1, while the 'Blend' Control blends the first stage of germanium transistor  into the second stage of germanium transistor creating everything from a subtle fizzle, big fat hairy boost,  harmonic flutter  or solid milky walls of sustain that don't get sacrificed when you use the instruments volume control or adjust the pedal volume.
100% American Made in Los Angeles Hand wired, Using leaded solder on solid boards with individually measured discreet components and solid mil- spec construction.
No animals, endangered plants or Chinese parts used to craft these units.

Addicted artists include:
Troy Van Leeuwen
David Catching
Joe Perry

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing and delivery.


Before you plug in your new F1, there are some proprietary  aspects that you should familiarize yourself with. This “vintage” style fuzz uses PNP Germanium transistors  to achieve its bold array of sounds.
The F1 Requires a DedicatedRegulated power source to power the unit.  It will not power when “daisy chained” to other neg. grounded effects boxes, as the casing is ground.  The 9v DC Jack is -neg. Center with a  2.1mm  female receptacle.

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