Clarence Standard

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These models feature Our USA-made Hand-wound custom Echopark pickups, 100% Nitrocellulose finishes, and our world-renowned neck profiles. The customizable options available simultaneously equal and expand the classic feel and tone established in the mid-1950s and are still the benchmarks we strive to exceed today.

 The Clarence Standard

Virtually unchanged since its initial design in 1945!! This model is a discovery from Clarence's lab in 1990. The 1969 Tri-Sonic R&D CLF version of the classic T style prototype and master templates, right after his passing.
Individually Handcrafted from old stock timbers featuring a modern 22 fret neck, the "Black-Wrap" 56-T/gold coil pickup set is Guttural, Articulate, bold, and punchy, teamed with raw steel bridge plate and solid brass intonating saddles. The updated four-position selector switch allowed for a wider variety of tones topped off by our traditional nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.
This last original design was originally crafted by the master himself, and we offer it in his honor.