Echopark Guitars EPD-1 Deluxe Analog Delay Built by Loe Sounds

The full-feature version of the Deluxe EPD-1 is also a Bucket Brigade Analog Delay, but with two 4096-stage delay chips that provide additional delay time up to ~450 ms. In addition to the base model features, the Deluxe has on-board modulation. The modulation can go from slow & subtle to seasick, thanks to the addition of a Depth control. The user can choose between Triangle or Square Wave modulation. Additionally, the modulation can be shut off entirely. Controls for the full-feature
Deluxe EPD-1 are Delay Time, Feedback, Mix, Rate (for modulation), Depth (for modulation), and a toggle switch for Triangle Wave/Off/Square Wave Modulation. Last but not least, the Deluxe EPD-1 has a Slam feature, which is a momentary foot switch that sends the delay into self-oscillation when depressed. The delay reverts right back to it’s normal position when you take your foot off the switch.

Price: $525

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