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The Echopark® Gold Coil

The Echopark® Gold Coil

$ 185.00

A replication of the 1965 gold Foil found in Teisco guitars but in a humbucker which opens up the magnetic field. NOS ceramic magnets. Fat, thick, clear and juicy. Balances well with any bridge PU. Single or as a set aged covers with 3 wire leads. The Gold Coil fits any standard humbucker opening or ring.  Dimensions:  1.75" inch wide by 1.5" inch high.  Metric 70mm wide x 38mm high.


Distressecd finish is STANDARD
NON-distressed Covers are a special order and are 3-5 weeks longer in delivery times.

See the July/August review about Echopark®Guitars and our Goldcoil pickups in ToneQuest.


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