The Clarence Amp

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The Clarence.
At last, a worthy successor to Leo's early designs such as the obscure "White" model 80 or the rarely seen tweed "Harvard".
Retaining its heritage in purity, this student model combines the magic and charm found in low watt amps from the golden era, all while bucking typical tradition.
Classic and refined with a turgid and inexcusable attitude.  The Clarence.  A must have for session work and gigs alike.


Circuit 9E1A

Class A single ended
5w clean
9w pushed

High & Low inputs
Volume & Tone controls
5AR4, 6V6GC, 12AX7 valves
*NOS JAN premium Upgrade Option
2 speaker outputs
Electri-cord AC power cable
Hand stitched U.S. made blue leather handle
Custom levant & grillcloth
Solid Douglas Fir open back cabinet
13 ply Marine birch baffle
Echopark/WGS Custom 12" Alnico speaker
W21xH19xD9 inches